Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1985), moved to Uruguay in 1994. Catalina initiates her curatorial and artistic career in 2010 at fac (Fundación de Arte Contemporáneo) in Uruguay. In 2014 she relocated to London to pursue an MA in Curating Contemporary Art at Essex University. Catalina was granted with the FEFCA 2015 fund from Mec (Ministry of Education and Culture) in Uruguay, destined for academic training. She now lives and works in Madrid, and studies a Master course in Internalization of Cultural Management and creative arts at UCM (Universidad Complutense Madrid).

She exhibited as an artist in prestigious shows such as Ficciones 2011, with the photographic piece Autorretrato at Fundación Atchugarry in Maldonado, Uruguay. The annual exhibition Llamale H 2012, nominated with a second prize with the photographic serie Princesas in Montevideo. The collective exhibition De cajón 2013 at the Cultural Centre of Mexico Embassy in Montevideo, with photographic piece Sociedad Chiclera, in Montevideo. Participated in the Biennale Salto 2013 in Salto, Uruguay, with artwork Sociedad Chiclera. In 2014 was selected and prized with an honor nomination at the Paul Cezanne Prize, in MNAV (Museo Nacional de Arte Visuales), in Montevideo. In 2016 was selected in the first Ibero-American Arts Award in London, and the collective show Sobreexposición curated by Juan José Santos, with the artworks One-selfie and Autorretrato, at Eac (Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo) in Montevideo.

Her first curated exhibition was titled HyperSEXY 2012, part of the 8th season of Eac, in Montevideo. Her second exhibition Perpetua (carne) 2013, co-curated with Fernando Lopez Lage in Enguelman Ost collection, in Montevideo. As part of the training in the MA course, she organizes Abject Subject, her third exhibition at Art Exchange in Essex University, Uk. The exhibition was co-curated with four other colleagues. Upwards, Downwards 2017 was her fourth exhibition showed in London, Paris and Montevideo and produced by art collective COCO. Her latest exhibition was The Things We Leave Behind 2018, co-curated with Clara Rocha and exhibited in London at One Paved Court Gallery

Artist Statement

My focus as an artist is the interrelation between society and the problematic contexts of our contemporaneity. I am drawn towards how the social circumstances -or social burdens- define our human experiences and ultimately shape our individualities. By adopting a critical view, I depict on human behaviours and their responses to the context.

My artistic process involves the coalition of ideas and concepts illustrating them with the appropriate medium (photography, installation, video). However not attached to a single method, as these vary depending on which illustrates better the concept of the artwork. Under this light, granted by my artistic training, photography is the most natural way to convey my ideas. 

My aim is to sparkle the light of consciousness in the viewer's mind. Letting them travel between the actions and consequences of our peculiar contemporaneity.