Curatorial Projects

The Things We Left Behind


The Thing We Leave Behind Exhibition

Curated: Catalina Bunge (Ar), Clara Rocha (Br) 
Artists: Laís Pontes (Br), Teresa Albor (Usa)
Location: One Paved Court Gallery, London, Uk.
Date: 24 January – 3 February 2018


Perpetua (carne)



Collective show with artists from Uruguay at Engelman Ost private art collection

Co-curated: Catalina Bunge, Fernando López Lage. 
Artists: Guillermo Lockhart, Luciana Damiani, Maria Mascaró.
Location: Engelman Ost private art collection, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Date: August 2013

Ascendencia, Descendencia


Collective show Ascendencia, Descendencia exhibited in London, París, Montevideo 

Curated: Catalina Bunge
Production: COCO (Colectiva Co)
Artista: Lucía Ehrlich, Natalia de León, María Mascaró, Carolina Sobrino
Location: The Crypt Gallery (London, UK), Uruguayan Embassy in Paris (Paris, France), SOA in Montevideo, Uruguay.
Date: 30 June (London), 6 July (Paris), 5 December 2018 (Montevideo)



Collective show selected at Temporada 8 at Eac

Curated: Catalina Bunge
Artistas: Luciana Damiani, Lucia Picerno, Guillermo Lockhart Jessie Young, Sergio Porro.
LocationEac (Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo), Montevideo, Uruguay.
Fecha: Julio 2012

Abject, Subject exhibition


Collective show  Abject Subject

Co-curated: Catalina Bunge, Yusra Ali, Jana Hess, Hannah Cattarin
Artists:  Sarah Maple, Laís Pontes, Milagros de la Torre, Melanie Bonajo, Jessica Lagunas, Natasha Caruana. 
Location: Art Exchange Gallery, Essex, Colchester, UK.
Date: 21 May - 20 June 2015