The Things we Leave Behind 2018


The Things We Leave Behind Exhibition
Curated: Catalina Bunge (Ar), Clara Rocha (Br) 
Artists: Laís Pontes (Br), Teresa Albor (Usa)
Location: One Paved Court Gallery, London, Uk.
Date: 24 January – 3 February 2018

Curatorial Abstract

‘An art exhibition about migration’

The Things We Leave Behind – an art exhibition of the research-based project of artists Teresa Albor and Laís Pontes exhibited at One Paved Court Gallery in Richmond (January-February 2018). Inspired by a collection of things left behind in a Serbian transit camp and on the shores of the Island of Lesbos in Greece, the artists invite the audience to interact with these objects and share their experiences, based on personal and emotional connections with migration.

The exhibition included photographs and other documentation of exchanges between the artists and participants. Personal histories and experiences, as well as the reality of people who are currently migrating provided the soil upon which this project grows. The public was invited to engage from a personal angle, establishing horizontal connections and moving beyond cultural or ideological barriers.

During the exhibition, three workshops and a live performance were planned to encourage reflection on issues associated with the migration –a socio-cultural phenomenon that affects us all.  

Curatorial Workshop
Open to the public, Thursday 25 January 2-4:30pm and 6-8:30pm at One Paved Gallery. 
The aim of this workshop is to explore different ways to engage with the the migration theme, through the curatorial practice. Utilising a curatorial discourse and re-organising the objects, photographs and drawings from the exhibition The Things we Leave Behind in One Paved Court Gallery, the participants will plan and propose an hypothetical exhibition using the same space and theme (migration). 

The exhibition was co-curated with Brazilian curator Clara Rocha located in London.