Collective show with emerging Uruguayan artists at art collection Engelman Ost

Co- curated: Catalina Bunge, Fernando López Lage.
Artists: Guillermo Lockhart, Luciana Damiani y Maria Mascaró.
Location: Colección Engelman Ost
Date: Agosto 2013

Nota El País Digital

Perpetua was my second exhibition conceived in the third year of my placement in Fac (Contemporary Art Foundation), co-curated with Fernando Lopez-Lage. The show featured four emerging contemporary artists from Uruguay, and it took place at Engelman Ost Collection (a private collection space located in Montevideo).

The show brought together artworks that investigate the perpetuation of men. Scrutinising the way in which limits defined our lives and identity. The exhibition aimed to questioned specific behaviours of our contemporary society, which practised to an extreme may become destructive.