Collective show selected to be exhibited in Temporada 8 of Eac

Curated: Catalina Bunge.
Artists: Lucaina Damiani, Lucia Picerno, Jessie Youn y Sergio Porro.
Location: Eac (Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo)
Date: Julio 2012

Nota El País Digital

HipeSEXY was my first exhibition as a curator, selected at an open call in 2011 at EAC (Space for Contemporary Art), in Montevideo, achieved during my first year as a traineeship in Fac (Contemporary Art Foundation).

The concept of the exhibition addressed the hypersexuality experienced by teenagers, a subject of great matter nowadays, especially in South America. HiperSEXY lasted three months and showed the work of 4 young visual artists from Uruguay's contemporary art scene.