Los Imputados

Series The Imputed, series of polaroid photographs, 8,5 x 5,5 cm (2015)

A world of misery and dullness is the main scenery of The Imputed. An apocalyptic world with no hope of light. The Imputed communicate in a basic language of signs, and muffled sounds as their possibility of speaking are beyond their limitations. They are unable to use their teeth as a consequence of the miss used of them. Their mouths become deformed after long years of compulsive grinding their emotions and thoughts. The deterioration of a society drawn by consumerism, immediacy and individualism.

The imputed cannot speak, eat properly, sing or think clearly. The imputed have lost the sense of taste and self-reflection; becoming essential and stupid, barely humans.

The impossibility and decaying are metaphors of the extreme behaviours of our capitalist society that consume out our teeth by chewing our emotions and feelings. As a consequence, they become precluded, banned of expressing themselves.